N.H. Nonprofit Offers Student Loan Help

Concord (ap) — A New Hampshire nonprofit is launching a new private loan consolidation program for students.

The New Hampshire Higher Education Loan Corporation is starting the EDvestinU Consolidation program on March 1 to offer low fixed and variable rates, zero fees and flexible repayment options. The web-based program will offer students monthly online seminars, access to repayment calculators and one-on-one assistance to answer questions via email, phone or online chat. Those seeking consolidation will have the opportunity to learn more about the potential to lower monthly student loan payments and interest rates on the private loans borrowed throughout their education, as well as take advantage of extended repayment options and the benefits of working with one servicer.

Students will be able to refinance one loan or combine numerous loans borrowed over the years into one loan, with one monthly payment. Other program benefits include a .25 percent interest rate reduction for automatic payments and a co-signer release option for eligible borrowers.

“It’s important for students that are looking for relief from debt upon graduation or entrance into the workforce that they have options to lower monthly payments and work with a servicing organization that is committed to their success,” said Erin Hathaway, national marketing manager for the EDvestinU loan programs.