Young Writers Aren’t Afraid of the Dark

Spooky Tree, photograph by Madison Moore, Woodstock Union High School.

Spooky Tree, photograph by Madison Moore, Woodstock Union High School.

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Prompt: Spooky

Deep in the forest

under silver dew

we lie here waiting

for walkers like you.

We’ll sing you the song

as long as you like;

we’ll sing you to sleep

on this dark, dark night.

You’ll stumble into

our lovely clearing

and as you stand up,

what’s that you’re hearing?

We’re singing a song

to lull you to rest.

Please don’t be frightened;

we’re doing our best.

Here in our clearing,

in our forest deep,

come and stay with us;

together we’ll sleep.

But when a walker

comes strolling along,

we’ll wake up again

and sing them a song.

We’re walkers like you

who were sung to sleep.

So come and join us

in our rest so deep ...

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A dark night,

the wind blows,

the trees moan and creak

and lash against the windows.

Lightning cuts through the sky,

illuminating just for a second

your closet door.

’Tis open.

Not how you left it,


You sleep in the attic, an old room;

the floor creaks and moans

like a great weight is slithering across it.

It is dark.

But when you look,

you see eyes in the darkness,

never blinking, ever glowing.


What was that?

A ghoul? A ghost? A monster?

It draws closer; it creaks louder; it looms over your bed

and is gone.

You seem to hear a

drip … drip … drip …

What could it be?

Is it a leaky faucet?

Or … a monster, salivating at the thought of a nice, juicy kid?

You wonder what will happen.

Will it crunch your bones? Suck your blood?

Or kill you first and drag you off to its secret lair?

You hear thumps, ominous detonations coming across the room.

This cannot be dark imagination.

How you hope it is.

You think back,

huddled beneath your covers

about how you begged for this room,

separate, away from your pestilential brother.

You pleaded and cried and did your chores

and eventually your mom caved in.

Could she have resisted? Could you have backed off?

Could this have been avoided?

Drip ... Drool hits your shoulder.

Is this the end?

You hunch under your covers and hope it is not,

but there is a beast next to you,

and he is drooling down your shoulder.

Later you wake up and sigh.

It is morning.

You remember that terrible night;

the storm was raging,

the shadows were creeping

and you gave yourself up for lost.

But you should not have,

for after a long, terrible while you realized

that the storm was just a storm,

the monster just imagined,

and all the infinitesimal noises were just your house.

The shadows were shadows —