Young Writers Describe Their Special Spots and Favorite Places

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Prompt: Favorite Place

In this car my family and I dropped off my brother at college.

In this car I was squished between two 160-pound football players for eight hours.

In this car I comforted my mom as she went through a friendship heartbreak.

In this car.

In this car I ate McDonald’s, Taco Bell, and other junk I didn’t need.

In this car I witnessed many car accidents, in which I saw the suffering of the victims for miles.

In this car I saw the anger, frustration, and the happiness and joy my family went through.

In this car.

A huge portion of my summer was spent in my dad’s company car as my family traveled around the East Coast. From Maine to Virginia, the “togetherness” my family went through made a lasting impression on my brother, who recently left for college. A road trip isn’t about the destination, it’s about the journey there.


breath of life, swirling away,

tearing at my jacket as I tug it off

to let the wind play with my hair

and gray sweater,

trying to not be blown away as I stare into

the thick stream of air,

bursting in my face,

chilling me as I smile

and laugh at the gale.

I try to jump over the wall,

the wind and wet pushing me away,

telling me not to try or I will fall.

I laugh again,

we laugh together,

the wind bursting at me

as I stop trying to climb over the wall

and instead run down

the well-grazed hill,

letting the wind take me in its arms

and carry me to the bottom.

As the wind changes directions,

I spin and run up the hill,

into the brush and the stones,

closer to the fence

that smashes against the stone wall

when it’s not fastened.

The dales, hills and valleys

with patchwork stone walls;

my favorite place in the world.

In my 12 glorious years on our planet Earth I have been to many special places that have touched my heart and will stay in my heart as long as I live. But there is one place that is very special to me. All my life my father has been a teacher at Thetford Academy; this is his 19th year teaching at the school. As I have grown up, I have gotten to know TA (Thetford Academy) better. TA has a stunning campus with beautiful buildings that I love to look at.

Since my father is a teacher at Thetford Academy, I have had to spend some time there during the summer while my father works or attends meetings. These times have not always been the most interesting. In fact, it is often boring. But I realize that these times have gotten me excited to attend school at Thetford Academy. Looking around at the beautiful fields and the hills that are pretty no matter what the season, I realize this is one of the most beautiful schools I have ever seen. This summer, I was preparing to go to school at TA for the first time. By the time mid-August was here I was bored and was anxious to go back to school. This never happened to me at my old school! I just knew Thetford Academy would be the right place for me… and it is…

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The place where I feel most confident is in the show ring at the New York Spring Show in Syracuse, N.Y. I feel confident because I’ve shown there before and sometimes get high placings.

I like to see how many other calves are in my class and where they place. I feel confident because I’ve taught my calf to lead well. My calf is clean and well-clipped. I like that I always feel confident at the show and look forward to next spring.

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