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Young Writers Project: Writers Strong

This week, Young Writers Project publishes responses to the prompt, Strength: Describe a time when you had to be strong; and one of the winning entries in the YWP Climate Change Challenge. Seven writers were honored and given $50 awards by Vermontivate, the community sustainability game, at an Earth Day celebration in Burlington on April 20. Go to youngwritersproject.org/vermontivate to read all the winning submissions. You can join the Vermontivate game, happening for five weeks in May and June, at vermontivate.com.

About the Project

Young Writers Project is an independent nonprofit that engages students to write, helps them improve and connects them with audiences through the Newspaper Series (and youngwritersproject.org) and the Schools Project (ywpschools.net).

Next Prompt

Music. Choose a piece of music and write a story that flows from it. Tell us what music you were listening to. Alternate: Three wishes: What would you wish for? Tell us in three sentences. Due May 10.

Climate Change
Winning Entry

The idea was not neat and organized, but it was what the world needed at the time.

Gather by the thousands in the biggest cities around the world, and demand that every human being devote himself or herself to what was then an impossible cause ­— saving the Earth from global warming.

Green shirts, pants, dresses, hats, and scarves filled street vendors across the globe, giving the fashion industries around the world no choice but to embrace the Green Campaign. But that was merely the beginning.

Famous musicians, actors, and athletes inspired their nations to rise to the challenge, and take the Green responsibility upon them.

Instead of playing video games and watching television, it became the new normal to see children outdoors, playing tag underneath water sprinklers that soaked gardens with health and beauty. It was a wonderful thing, knowing that we all wanted the same thing … a long and vigorous life on a healthy planet.

A new era was born through the love and happiness that resided in our hearts. I felt very lucky indeed, to know that I was not alone in my belief that humanity could be wonderful. It was an awakening to our potential, and the power we have to change the world.

I am quite certain, even with Alzheimer’s knocking on my door, that I will never forget the year that everything changed for the better. It was the year 2030 — two decades ago — when the Green Campaign began, and even though it has come to an end, green continues to be the world’s favorite color. 

Prompt: Strength

Me and you

Together forever

Until that day

That day where everything was sad

Nothing mattered if I could share it with my best friend

My companion

The one who always listened

Always understood

Took me for who I was

The day hung over us like a dark cloud

Coming closer and closer

We push thoughts like this away

Pretending that they didn’t even happen

Or ever will

Everything has its time

Has its time to let go

Let go into another world where they will be loved 

But that was the worst thought ever

And my dog was leaving

Leaving for another world

One where he could live forever

Never give in

When their hurtful

Words come

Spitting out.

Never give up

When they say

You can’t

Do that.

Don’t give up.

Prove to them

You’re here

To stay and

That you

Are capable.

Prove them


Show your


Give it your all.


You’re worth it

And you can

Do it.

Never give up.