Letter: Standing Up to Bullying

To the Editor:

As a mother of a child in a local New Hampshire school who has been the subject of intense bullying this year, I am thrilled to see you giving this topic the coverage it deserves (“Hartford Student’s Stand Against Bullying Is Joined by Many,” April 2).

Kudos to the Hartford Police Department for contributing to the conversation through its own video.

Thank you for raising the awareness of bullying in our community and helping educate children that they can make a difference by standing up to mean, anti-social behavior. It doesn’t have to be a cloak of shame that so many people are afraid to talk about and confront

I will stand.

Pippa Robinson



School Notes: Hartford Student’s Stand Against Bullying Is Joined by Many

Monday, April 1, 2013

Imagining the hurt that bullies leave in their wake was not difficult for 12-year-old Charleigh Gere when she helped compose the anti-bullying song Stand. The Hartford Memorial Middle School seventh-grader sings about an imagined girl who’s reduced to tears and thinks of suicide as she’s taunted in the hallway, and a boy who’s crying on the inside, “painfully dreading the …