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Young Writers: A Silver Lining

Each week, Young Writers Project receives several hundred submissions from students in Vermont and New Hampshire in response to writing prompts and selects the best for publication here and in 21 other newspapers and on vpr.net. This week, we publish responses to the prompt, Silver lining: When bad things happen, how do you recover? Read more at youngwritersproject.org.

Prompt: Silver Lining

I wipe the raindrops away from the windshield
and the teardrops away from my eyes.
The weather is predicted to rain today;
it’s really no surprise.

I’ll stare at the window watching the droplets race
dreaming of better days
When the sunlight will be so bright
that through closed eyelids I’ll see the rays.

Sad through snowflakes, and smiling through sunlight;
is it true emotions change with the seasons?
It’s strange how nothing can be wrong
but it’s possible to be sad for no reasons.

The sky fades hues
at the change of an hour
and the sun will be shy
when it’s time for a rain shower.

A smog sits above the treeline,
the people can never rise from its mist;
they can only dream of others in paradise
laying on a beach and sun kissed.

They say when the heavens cry
it is beneficial for the plants,
but the people’s souls are dampened
and claim they can’t dance.

Others disagree
on the other hand;
they say the best place to dance
is on the drizzled land.

They twirl and swing their hips
dancing to the beat of the rain;
sealing the night with a watery kiss
with a lover, erasing away all traces of pain.

I want to be one of them, dancing and kissing in the rain,
not just a girl staring out from the window of a train.
I’ll let the raindrops and teardrops drown down the drain
and let the passion in the water beat in my veins.

(For the complete story, go to youngwritersproject.org/node/78829)

Tragedy is a part of life. Miracles are too. You love, you mourn, you live, and you die. It happens. Many times I have wondered what the purpose of it all is. The question is always: Why?... The best we can do is accept the fact that we don’t have all of the answers. Acceptance is key. Accepting all possibilities is key to living life.

Accepting life and death, accepting tragedies and miracles, accepting the existence in the good and the bad, is what leads us to be thankful. We are all human beings with different struggles and different lives, but we all share the same home, and we all just want to be happy. Some of us face the worst of events, and although many choose denial over acceptance, if you cease to fight the bad in your life, the good will come. The Dalai Lama said, “If there is no solution to the problem then don’t waste time worrying about it. If there is a solution to the problem then don’t waste time worrying about it.”

The key is to accept what you can’t change and live with it, and fix what you can change. If you accept, then you don’t worry, and there is no inner conflict, and if you fix, then there is positive change. The silver lining only exists if you choose to see it. It is within your power to experience the good in life, all you have to do is fix the fixable, accept the unfixable, and appreciate all that you have.

I long for the stars that lived in your eyes,

And the humble talent that defined you.

I long for your laughs and your beautiful cries,

And your honest words that always rang true.


Your hopeful outlook will be remembered,

No need to fear being lost and alone.

You meant everything and you always will,

I’ve been lost in a wind that floats me home.


Wrapped in your robust arms that keep me safe,

I’ve never worried in regards to this.

Suddenly I’m alone in this strange place,

I’m scared to plunge through the endless abyss.


But if it’s God’s will that our roads must part,

I’ll prepare for what brings tears to the eye.

We will meet again in a better life,

I’ll wait for you where the stars meet the sky.

In your eyes, every cloud in the sky is adorned with a silver lining

Every child that cries, will find its mother’s eyes

Every warrior gets his medal

But you look at lies

for you close your eyes, to the dark and stormy skies

So you can believe in the lining

You don’t see the broken ones

The ones that the world forgot

Who beg from the corner and sleep on the street

The child that dies, and a mother who cries

the church bells that ring

without an angel to sing

the broken and the lost

Only the blind will ever find

This world a silver lining

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