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Dartmouth Frat Gets Probation for Hazing

Dartmouth College fraternity Alpha Phi Alpha has been placed on three terms of probation for hazing new members.

Alpha Phi Alpha cannot participate in new member recruitment, selection or “education activities” until the fall 2013 term, according to a hazing report released by the college. Dartmouth operates under a four-term yearly schedule.

While the report did not cite what type of hazing occured, it did say the fraternity violated Standards I and II of the Student Handbook. Standard I prohibits students from putting other students in physical harm. Standard II states, “Student organizations must not engage in behavior that threatens the safety, security or functioning of the college,” including harassment and hazing.

The fraternity must also form an advisory board that will include two alumni, a representative from the national organization and one faculty or staff member. The board must meet monthly for the next two years to help revise an education plan and decide how new members are cultivated.

The fraternity and its advisory board must also develop a multi-year assessment plan.

Yesuto Shaw, a Dartmouth sophomore, wrote an October column in The Dartmouth — the college’s student newspaper — about being hazed in his fraternity, Alpha Phi Alpha. Shaw wrote that he and other pledges were forced to do push-ups with weights on their backs and were smacked on the chest with wet, plastic spoons. They were also ordered not to speak to friends outside the fraternity.

Last fall, Dartmouth investigated seven reports of possible hazing behavior, including the Alpha Phi Alpha investigation, College Spokesman Justin Anderson said.

Three of the reports are still under investigation and three were referred for other potential disciplinary violations because there was not enough information to support a hazing charge.

The greek community came under scrutiny for hazing last year when former student Andrew Lohse wrote a column in The Dartmouth about hazing at Sigma Alpha Epsilon.

The story was eventually picked up by The Rolling Stone and received national attention.

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