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Young Writers: Time for Rhymes

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Next Prompt: Silence. Begin a story with this line: They sat without a word to say to each other... Alternate: Gibberish. Ever read Jabberwocky? Write a poem of nonsense and made-up words. Make your reader laugh. Due May 2.

This week, we publish writing in response to prompt, Rhymes:

At first you don’t see her

As you walk by.

Her face is a blur;

You don’t look in her eye. 

She won’t look back.

She only hides.

She’s afraid you’ll attack,

She decides. 

She’s afraid of you,

Afraid to be teased. 

You walk past her too,

And she’s relieved. 

You wait by the door,

Give a casual yawn. 

But you look once more,

And she’s gone. 

Learning to read is like learning how to fly

but people don’t enjoy it.

I can’t imagine why.

Books can fulfill your fantasies

or tell you about the past

on a ship adrift in stormy seas

in a tale that will always last.

Books can teach you anything, something out of the blue.

They can tell you something about yourself that you never knew.

Books can surprise you; they can make you sad.

They can change your opinion, even if it makes you mad.

Books can be short, or very, very long.

They can help you realize, all this time, that you’ve been wrong.

Books can take you to places where you thought you’d never go.

It may all be inside your head, but you never know.

If you read enough

and think enough

and yell enough

and hide enough

and learn enough

and wait enough

then every book you’ve read before

could become an open door.

It could lead you anywhere you want to go,

Searing heat, or falling snow.

And if that all makes you sore

you can just read some more.

I remember a girl with hair a summer’s breeze

Whose eyes shone like stars

And were as deep as the seas

I remember a girl with a laugh to light towns

Her smile contagious

She never left frowns

I remember a girl with a heart full of scars

Whose soul was in pieces

With self-doubt by the jar

She couldn’t believe the words, “I love you”

So used to her walls

Not knowing what to do

To let someone in was to break her own law

Too afraid to give in

Too icy to thaw

So she pushed away arms that longed to hold her

Stricken with fear from

What they all told her

The black of her past was clouding her eyes

She just couldn’t see

I was telling no lies

Her motto remained and she did as it said

Don’t attach, run away

Before your heart is left dead