Young Writers Describe a Disaster

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This week, we publish writing in response to prompts: Disaster: Ever have one of those days, when everything you touch or do turns to disaster? and General Writing.

Next prompt: Write about any kind of pressure — social, school, making the team, or simply the physical sensation of pressure (like diving underwater). Alternates: Six words. Write a complete story in six words; or Photo 8. Due April 4.

I woke up on the floor. I wasn’t surprised by this since it happens quite frequently. This time, however, was different. I had dozed off while reading Good Night Moon for the millionth time so I could memorize it.

I looked around my room and sure enough, the book was perched atop my covers, mocking me.

This was not going to be a good day.

I went downstairs and tripped over my strategically placed cat. She did not want me to pet her after that. At breakfast, I choked on a rogue Cheerio.

When I brushed my teeth, a spider appeared next to my bare foot. I finished brushing my teeth in the downstairs bathroom. The car door closed on my finger. I got hit in the face with an overinflated dodgeball and it got worse from there.

My science lab report got torn in my backpack and I got a face full of snow when I slipped on ice.  I came home with cuts and bruises everywhere.

My mom asked what happened. I said that I had woken up on the wrong side of the bed.

When walls begin crumbling down,

and the road you were traveling on seems to stray,

the deep thoughts you have been thinking

turn to time-wasting blurbs,

and the words forming in your mouth

seem to slowly lose their umph,

do not get discouraged.


This life can be an utter disaster.

If it captures you, you’re bound to lose sight.

But if you escape,

escape to somewhere that is great,

and for awhile enjoy all that is great,

because, unfortunately, greatness does not last forever.


At some point in your life, everything that seemed so bad

will lose its importance.

Tumbled walls reconstruct with new thoughts of hope,

and only then can you say with emotion,

“Now, that was a disaster.”

Prompt: General writing

Junior Mints.

A cool treat for any time. 

Delicious chocolate fills my mouth,

Quickly followed by a minty coolness. 

It all melts together in my mouth. 

An extravagant dance of goodness. 

Junior Mints are my saviors. 

They are what keeps me calm during a movie. 

(Okay, not really. I just thought it would sound nice.)

They are a lifeline, the thing that I trust most. 

They are my shelter during tornados.

(Believe me, I know what I’m talking about.)

They are the rock that keeps me here. 

I would go insane if it were not for Junior Mints. 

I would lose my mind,

And think that my notebook is talking to me.

(I love my notebook. I would marry it, but society isn’t ready for that.

Or Junior Mints. I would TOTALLY marry a Junior Mint. If I could.)

Junior Mints are beautiful. 

Unmarred brownness, so deep it seems

That one could be lost forever in the dark. 

Yet the white is so pure,

A complete contrast to the dark. 

They are without doubt,

The handsomest things

I have ever seen.