Letter: Burling Doesn’t Speak for Cornish

To the Editor:

When the article appeared in the Valley News about “Clark Rockefeller” being convicted, the Valley News contacted Peter Burling for a quote. I was going to comment at that time that I would, just once, like to see an article about Cornish that does not require a quote from Burling. There are about 1,700 other people in Cornish who could have been asked for their views. Why does everything Cornish need Burling’s opinion? I don’t believe he’s been elected Cornish spokesman quite yet. He does not share my views, or the views of many other Cornish residents, on nearly every subject.

Then on April 21, the Sunday Valley News printed a commentary by Burling about Clark “Not-Rockefeller.” Burling sure has a lot of bold things to say about “Rockefeller” now that he’s safely locked away. Where were Burling’s strong opinions when “Rockefeller” lived here in town? I don’t recall seeing very many then.

I never met “Rockefeller” and never paid any attention to him or the stories about him, but I know more than a few people in Cornish were entertained by his ability to outfox and outmaneuver Burling on a few occasions, especially the one involving the Trinity Church. It appears Burling was not as amused as some of us were, as he still seems to carry quite a grudge about “Rockefeller.” It puts in my mind a picture of a mouse who, once the cat had left on his own, came out of his hole and bragged to the other mice about how he’d driven the cat away. In the opinion of some of us, there are a few characteristics, including puffery, shared by both men.

Brian Meyette



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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

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