Letter: Of Prurient Value Only

To the Editor:

As a former publisher of the Valley News, I was appalled by the “Child Sex Case Trial Begins for N.H. Lawyer” story you chose to lead the local and regional section on Jan. 10. Manchester was the locus of the people and events described, so what possible interest (other than prurient) could this sordid tale have for Upper Valley readers?

This story originated at the Concord Monitor, a sister newspaper and paper of record for our state Capitol. You would have served the cause of decency, still a canon of good journalism, if you had left it there.

Walter C. Paine



Jury Hears Testimony in Lawyer’s Child Porn Trial

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Lisa Biron allegedly took a 14-year-old girl to Canada so the teen could lose her virginity with a man she met online. Once there, Biron filmed the encounter, the man testified in court yesterday, saying it was one of three times she did so during a weekend of drinking, drug use and sex. Those videos — as well as another …