Letter: A Hard-Working Businessman

To the Editor:

I have known Lee Walker and his family for many years (“Plainfield Xmas Tree Harvest Yields Charges,” Dec. 17). He is an honest, hard-working businessman, teacher and family man.

Getting a tree or wreath at the Walker farm has been a tradition for many area families for years. I recently went up there, and he had loaned the use of his barn for a wreath-making clinic to benefit the Ledyard Charter School. I attended that clinic with my daughter and had a wonderful time. The money collected went directly to the school.

Lee has a big heart, and when I heard about him being arrested on a trespassing charge, I was very upset.

According to your article, Jennifer Lesser and George Sandmann, the people who purchased the land from Lee’s family, “changed their mind” about letting him harvest trees on the land they bought. If true, that is the same thing as reneging on an agreement that they had with Lee to let him maintain and cut the trees he had planted from seedlings.

Although they “let” him trim the trees and mow around them all summer, they apparently chose to renege and not let him keep and cut his trees that he has spent years toiling over.

Lee is from a family where a handshake is a deal and an agreement is an agreement.

He has counted on money from the tree sales as part of his income, and to lose it is devastating for his family.

Even though there was an agreement in place, Jennifer Lesser and George Sandmann reneged, in my opinion. How can people behave this way?

Even if they reconsidered their decision now, he has lost all that income for 2012.

What a terrible thing to do; it just makes me sick.

Veronica Parkinson



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