Police: Zimmerman Has Cache of Guns

Orlando, Fla. — Seminole County deputies found five guns and more than 100 rounds of ammunition in George Zimmerman’s home last week soon after he was arrested for domestic violence.

A search warrant made public Tuesday shows that he had the weapon that his then-live-in girlfriend said he had used to threaten her: a KelTec 12-gauge shotgun.

He also had an AR-15 rifle and three handguns.

The 30-year-old Zimmerman was arrested Nov. 18, accused of aggravated assault, domestic violence battery and criminal mischief. His girlfriend, Samantha Scheibe, accuses him of pointing a shotgun at her after she asked him to move out. She says he also used the shotgun to break a glass table then shoved her out of the house and locked and barricaded the door.

Zimmerman is free on $9,000 bail, living — once again — in hiding. He says he did nothing illegal and has entered a written plea of not guilty.