Obama: Boston Review Designed to Prevent Attacks

Washington — President Obama says a national security review following the Boston Marathon bombings will look at whether there is more the government can do to stop people within the United States who might become radicalized and plan terror attacks.

One of the dangers the U.S. faces now, Obama said, is people who might decide to attack because of “whatever warped, twisted ideas they may have.”

Obama said that based on what he’s seen so far, the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security did what they were supposed to before the attack.

But he said the review was needed to find out whether more can be done to prevent this type of attack by people within the United States who may become radicalized.

Obama said, “This is hard stuff.”

Obama said he has asked intelligence officials for a thorough investigation that will “review every step that was taken,” and he dismissed criticism by some senators, singling out Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., who has said that Boston and September’s attack in Libya pointed to a deteriorating national security system.

“Mr. Graham is not right on this issue, although I’m sure it generated some headlines,” Obama said.

Obama said the FBI investigated and interviewed one of the suspects in the case after Russian intelligence services alerted U.S. intelligence, but it found no signs that he was engaging in extremist activity.

He said self-radicalized individuals pose an increasingly dangerous threat and he has pushed his counterterrorism team for months to be on the alert. “But all of this has to be done in the context of our laws, due process,” he said.

— The Associated Press