Shanghai Races to Clean River After Finding 5,916 Dead Pigs

Singapore (Bloomberg) — Shanghai said yesterday it’s increasing the frequency of water quality checks after almost 6,000 dead pigs were found in a river that runs through the city.
The number of dead pigs found from the Songjiang section of the Huangpu river more than doubled from Monday’s tally to 5,916 as of 3 p.m. yesterday, the Shanghai government said on its official microblog. The retrieval of the dead hogs had slowed yesterday, it said.
Shanghai authorities had said in an earlier statement it had restored clean water to parts of the river in Maogang, where the carcasses were first discovered. Investigations by food regulatory authorities show that there’s no sign diseased pork has entered the city’s markets, according to a posting on the city’s website.
The discovery of the hogs is the latest scare in China, where leaders have come under criticism for the handling of health and environmental issues. The government announced on March 10 a plan for a regulator with broader authority to ensure food and drug safety, underpinning its pledge to crack down on violations and better protect consumers.