Claremont School District 2013 Results

Claremont School District

Number of Voters: 2,201

Number on Checklist 6,578

Town Moderator: Thomas P. Connair

Clerk: Mary E. Woodman

Treasurer: Jane W. Hunter

School Board 3 yrs: Richard Seaman

School Board 3 yrs: John Napsey


Claremont To Renovate Stevens High School

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Claremont — A $12.6 million proposal to renovate Stevens High School was approved by voters, 1,399-780, during the annual school meeting vote yesterday, cheering city boosters who have long sought to upgrade the downtown building, which dates back to 1868. “A great night,” said an elated School Board Chairman Richard Seaman. All other warrant articles also passed, except for a …