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As Weather Cools, Action Heats Up

Hanover’s skiers will look to jump over the competition this season.(Valley News - Jennifer Hauck)

Hanover’s skiers will look to jump over the competition this season.(Valley News - Jennifer Hauck) Purchase photo reprints »



∎ Coach: Gabi Formankova (8).

∎ Home Ski Area: Storrs Hill, Lebanon.

∎ Last Year’s Highlight: Girls were runner up for state championships, boys were third.

∎ Returnees: Girls — Elizabeth Brighton, Adeline Brendel, Haily Estes, Hannah Glenshaw, Sophia Higgerson, Charlotte Voelkel. Boys — Conor Austin, Zachary Estes, Jaques Fordy, Parker Gardener, Matson Rosenbaum, Nathan Roth, Nate Spitz, Cristopher Stocken.

∎ Newcomers: Girls — Megan Alberigi, Claire Golder, Grace Golder, Margret Grussing, Serena Higgerson, Abagail Jacobs, Sarah Kohl, Bevin McDevitt, Josephine Nett. Boys — Johannes Kollien, Joshua Nolan, Henry Pentland.

∎ Season Forecast: “ We are very excited to see how this season will unfold, with all our returning talented athletes and all our new ones,” Formankova said in an email. “We are coming into the season with strong girls and boys teams which are expected to be very competitive. Nevertheless, we look forward to doing a lot good skiing, getting better and faster, and of course a little more snow.”


∎ Coach: Tom Masterson (20).

∎ Home Ski Area: Garipay Field.

∎ Last Year’s Highlight: Girls won NHIAA Division II title; boys took second.

∎ Returnees: Seniors — Eloise Dietz, Morgan Danna, Elizabeth Haas, Kalin McGowan, Galen Richardson, Jacob Siegel, Helen Tosteson, Lydia Vogt, Jessica Weiss. Juniors — Tucker Cadow, Miles Campbell, Lena Dubitsky, Charlotte Goodrich, Clark Leazier, Conor Nagle, Henry Robbins, Katie Ryan-O’Flaherty. Sophomores — Owen Brennick, Juliette Dietz, Sarah Haedrich, Orrin Judd, Alexi Kim, Jacob Malenka, Fletcher Passow, Colin Pogue, Christopher Powell, Abby Rhim, Siobhan Seigne, Sarah Iris Siegel, Clare Snyder, Kay Torrey, Olly Weiss, Ethan Winter.

∎ Newcomers: Senior — Elizabeth Smith. Juniors — Taylor Clerkin, Cory Cudney. Sophomores — Amelia Fichman, Elizabeth Goss, James Owens, Zachary Proom, Olivia Richardson, Kelsey Smith, Nora Taylor, Lars Thoms, Quinn Valence. Freshmen — Elisabeth Hoehn, Isaac Jacobs, Madeline Keep, Anna Merrens, Maxwell Munato, Katrina Wheelan.

∎ Season Forecast: “(There are) lots of motivated new skiers on the team with lots of potential; (I’m) looking forward to seeing that develop,” Masterson said. He is also “hoping for a girls repeat at states and boys to be able to finish first at states as well.”


∎ Coach: Tom Dodds (5).

∎ Home Ski Area: Oak Hill.

∎ Last Year’s Highlight: “Despite the difficult conditions last year, the entire team came on strong in February,” Dodds said. “(We were) energized by a team victory at our home meet, when we went to a solid second-place finish at the states just behind Plymouth. The team was lead by consistently strong performances from Sam Shapiro, who finished in the top two in every meet leading up to states.”

∎ Returnees: Jesse Brown (captain), senior; Parker Gardner (captain), senior; Ben Hayes, senior; Angad Singh, senior; Austin Taylor, senior; Lydia Vogt (captain), senior; Nathan Roth, junior; Maddy Mulvihill, junior; Erika Tischbein, junior; Ethan Winter, sophomore.

∎ Newcomers: Carl Keating, senior; Mike Mayo, junior; Al Tariot, junior; Asher Brown, sophomore; Jack Pattison, freshman; Kirsten Tischbein, freshman.

∎ Top Skiers/Events: “Though we lost half the members of our states team to graduation, we have a solid core of returning veterans and alternates from that team (Nathan Roth, Parker Gardner, Ethan Winter and Jesse Brown),” Dodds said in an email. “Each of these athletes progressed nicely over the course of last year, with some strong February performances. We also have a solid core of returning girls (Lydia Vogt, Erika Tishbein and Maddy Mulvihill), any of whom are capable of a podium finish at states.”

∎ Season Forecast: “Two meets into the season, I am impressed with the camarderie and work ethic of this team,” Dodds said in an email. “Several newcomers, including Carl Keating and Asher Brown and second-year jumper Austin Taylor, have shown they are capable of pushing the veteran jumpers and scoring top -10 finishes. We need to capitalize on our early-season success and extend that execution to the bigger hills we will be jumping in February. We have not yet seen the best of Plymouth, Hopkinton or Kennett, all of whom are capable of putting together a state championship team. I am looking forward to our home meet on Jan. 30, which will kick off the last 2½ weeks of the season and be a good measure of where we stand.”



∎ Coaches: James Doneski (2); Kevin Lee (3).

∎ Home Ski Area: Blackwater Nordic, Andover.

∎ Last Year’s Highlight: “Kearsarge Nordic made a return last year after a brief hiatus. Year 2 of that rebuilding process continues,” Doneski said in an email. “We had two athletes just miss making Meet of Champions last year. We are hopeful that Conor Terhune and Arianna Stokes will achieve that this year. The team needs another year or two before they will become competitive in the division.”

∎ Returnees: Boys — Conor Terhune and Keaton Hansen. Girls — Arianna Stokes, Lana Kozikowski, Emmaline Keene and Maggie Lee.

∎ Newcomers: Peter Martin, senior; Kayleigh Davis, freshman; Anna Stowell, freshman; Emily Kelly, sophomore; Joe Kealy, eighth grade; Eric Scheuch, eighth grade.

∎ Top Events/Skiers: Arianna Stokes and Maggie Lee, freestyle; Conor Terhune, classic.

∎ Season Forecast: “We’re hoping that Conor and Arianna can make MOCs,” Doneski said in an email. “We’re hopeful the girls team, if we can get healthy, could be as high as third in the division. It would be nice to see Maggie Lee finish in the top 10 at middle school states.”



∎ Coach: Mike Anikis (12).

∎ Home Ski Areas: Host the CVCs at Mount Sunapee; train at Storrs Hill.

∎ Last Year’s Highlight: Kenny Weitzman and Emily Perryman finished ninth at states to qualify for the Meet of Champions. Girls were fifth and boys were seventh at state meet.

∎ Returnees: Girls — Senior: Ava Wehde. Junior: Charlotte Grygorowicz. Sophomores: Emily Perryman, Brooke Whitaker, Brooke Farwell. Boys — Seniors: Galen Moynihan, Trevor Marsh. Juniors: Kenny Weitzman, Nate Morgan, Garrett Dykstra, Otto Bonk, Chris Lovejoy, Kevin Cole. Sophomores: Will Patch, Lucas Jameson, Max Moorhead.

∎ Newcomers: Girls — Juniors: Kaylee Rodgers, Shauna McGrath. Boys — Freshman: Bennett Newlove.

∎ Top Skiers/Events: Girls — Emily Perryman, Ava Wehde, Brooke Whitaker (both disciplines). Boys: Kenny Weitzman (slalom), Will Patch (slalom); Lucas Jameson (giant slalom), Galen Moynihan (slalom), Max Moorhead (GS), Trevor Marsh (slalom).

∎ Season Forecast: “When we race out of Division II, we expect to win or finish in the top 3; when we race in Division II, we expect to finish in the top half of teams,” Anikis said. “Expectations for the season are for kids to improve their skiing technique and tactics throughout the season, finish in the top five teams at the state meet, and have two to four skiers qualify for the Meet of Champions.”


∎ Coach: Les Lawrence (32).

∎ Home Ski Area: Plainfield School.

∎ Last Year’s Highlight: Girls came in second at the state meet, boys came in third.

∎ Returnees: Lebanon returns 35 skiers from last year.

∎ Newcomers: Nine freshman are augmenting Lawrence’s roster.

∎ Top Skiers/Events: Boys — Seniors: Lincoln Crutchfield, Jeff Taylor. Juniors: Ian Girdwood, Kenny Weitzman, Zach Liebold;.Sophomore: Joe Flanagan. Girls — Seniors: Hallie Bergwall, Sarah Berman. Juniors: Kelsie Atwater, Liz Peterson, Rachel Berg, Emma Greenough, Micky Bish, Ellen Gibbs.

∎ Season Forecast: “Our hopes are always the same, and that is that they reach their potential, whatever that is,” Lawrence said.



∎ Coach: Craig Oshkello (4).

∎ Home Ski Area: Mount Sunapee.

∎ Last Year’s Highlight: Had only three skiers.

∎ Returnees: Makayla Merritt, senior, Alpine and Nordic; Tony Dipadova, junior, Alpine; Austin Kibbie, junior, Alpine.

∎ Newcomers: Danielle Lewis, junior, Alpine; Jacob Merritt, Alpine, Nordic.

∎ Season Forecast: “Have fun.”

South Royalton


∎ Coach: Skip Distel (1).

∎ Home Ski Area: Strafford Nordic Center.

∎ Season Forecast: This is the team’s first varsity season. Junior Michael Dunkle leads a group of nine skiers for the Royals. Taking over the program, Distel just wants his team to have fun. “The kids this year want to race,” he said. “The way I’m looking at right now is that I’m hoping they’ll continue it. This is a lifetime sport.”



∎ Coach: Steven Severson (9).

∎ Home Ski Area: Dartmouth Skiway.

∎ Last Year’s Highlight: “We had a lot of participation at races, a lot of kids wanted to go,” Severson said.

∎ Returnees: Maddy Webb, senior; Robert Fernandez, senior; Rozy Isquith, senior; Maggie Pomeroy, junior; Toria Isquith, sophomore; Helena Gaffney, sophomore; Josh Graber, sophomore; Sadie Shelton, sophomore; Gannon Walsh, sophomore.

∎ Newcomers: Freshmen — Izzy Kotlowitz, Ria Leveret, Charlotte Reining, Rachel Twerdowsky, Emma Wells, Finbar Curtin.

∎ Top Skiers/Events: Maggie Pomeroy, Josh Graber, Gannon Walsh, Izzy Kotlowitz, Rachel Twerdowsky.

∎ Season Forecast: “We have fairly modest goals,” Severson said. “If they get comfortable going really fast on the course, I’ll be very happy.”



∎ Coach: Bill McCollom (10).

∎ Home Ski Area: Suicide Six.

∎ Last Year’s Highlight: The boys team finished third at state championships, and the girls finished fourth. The girls won Southern Vermont District championship.

∎ Returnees: All are back; no seniors graduated. There are 30 skiers on the team.

∎ Newcomers: Ten new skiers, including two with considerable racing experience, seniors Jocelyn Werle and Quinn Trainer.

∎ Top Events/Skiers: “Our premier events are the district championships, which are coming up in mid-February, and the state championships,” McCollom said. Skiers to watch include senior captains Matt Frates and Sawyer Mattsson and senior girls captains Lizzy Miller and Sam Harrington. Seniors Taylor Lessard and Hailey Noble are also skiers to watch.

∎ Season Forecast: “There’s good competition statewide, but still the boys and girls team should not only contend for Southern Vermont District titles, but state titles as well,” McCollom said. “They’re a strong team and they’re experienced.”


∎ Coach: Nick Mahood.

∎ Home Ski Areas: Woodstock High School, Woodstock Nordic Center.

∎ Last Year’s Highlight: Boys were first in Division II for third year in a row. Individually, Woodstock skiers swept the top three spots in both classic and freestyle techniques and swept to wins in both relay styles. Qualified three boys for Eastern High School Championships; qualified three boys for U.S. Junior Nationals,; qualified two boys and two girls for J2 Championships. Jordan Fields was named a U.S. All-American for finishing in the top 10 in the country at junior nationals. Girls finished third in D-II team states.

∎ Roster: Boys — Seniors: Harry Linowski. Junior: Kent Dalton. Sophomores: Campbell Boswell, Graham Melville, Zane Fields, Sam Linowski, Will Lewis, Justin Whittaker. Freshman: Pete Wilson. Exchange student: Rasmus Eriknauer. Girls — Seniors: Elizabeth Bassette, Christine Harris. Juniors: Finn McFarland, Anna Ramsey, Katherine Tucker. Sophomores: Lindsey Stuntz, Jaym Henderson, Kathryn Bassette, Alyssa Rivera. Freshmen: Kristin Ramsey, Lauren Kaija, Anna Tracey, Abby Kaija, Carmen Bango, Rachel Emery, Sawyer Edwards.

∎ Top Skiers/Events: “Soph Zane Fields and lone senior Harry Linowski lead a young boys team that is looking to win its fourth straight State title,” Mahood said in an email. “The girls team is huge, with a large number of incoming freshman all with some previous racing experience as junior skiers. Christie Harris, Carmen Bango, Anna Ramsey, Finn McFarland and Elizabeth Bassette look to lead the girls to their first state title.”

∎ Season Forecast: “It will not be as dominating as in previous years, but the guys will earn their fourth straight title and the girls, after building up the program for the past four years from one skier to 16, will take their first state title,” Mahood noted.



∎ Coach: Scott Edwards (7).

∎ Home Ski Areas: Practices at Cannon Mountain, meets at Loon Mountain.

∎ Last Year’s Highlight: “(In) 2012, we finished in the middle of the pack, where we normally do. Three skiers (two boys, one girl) qualified for the Meet of Champions,” Edwards said in an email.

∎ Returnees: Girls — Seniors: Katie Bazzell, Nara Burgess (captain). Juniors: Julia Bowman (captain), Louisa Noble (captain), Cassidy Townsend. Sophomore — Paige Martin. Boys — Seniors: Mike Vogt (captain), Chris Hunter (captain), Jacob Dalton. Junior — Kevin Cowles. Sophomores — Jaden Dalton, Chase Miller, David Bazzell, Ryan May. Eighth-grader: Eban Noble.

∎ Newcomers: Girls — Seniors: Schadi Keramrezaei (exchange student from Germany), Sadie Matteton, Reilly Butler. Sophomore: Libbie Hilliard. Freshman: Abbey Clark. Boys — Freshman: Phil Cadreact.

∎ Top Skiers/Events: Edwards believes six of his Engineers have the potential to qualify for the MOCs: Nara Burgess, Louisa Noble, Julia Bowman, Katie Bazzell, Mike Vogt and Chris Hunter.

∎ Season Forecast: “The main goal for the entire group is to improve their individuals skills and have fun,” Edwards said in an email. “On a more serious note, the ladies have a strong, deep team and, with a bit of self created luck through hard work, they just might surprise a few people this year. The boys have two strong seniors and a talented young crew coming up. Look for them to perform well in the next few years.”

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