Letter: Update on Sleeping Bag Collection

To the Editor:

Just wanted to update everyone on the progress on the sleeping bag drive since the Dec. 2 Valley News article about the effort.

It has been overwhelming. I received over 25 sleeping bags and at least 10 electric blankets, which brings my total collection to 80 sleeping bags and 12 electric blankets. I am so grateful that so many residents of the Upper Valley came forward with their unused sleeping bags. By the way, should a bag have a zipper that is torn away some, I can do some repairs, so feel free to call and let me know.

What touched me the most were the veterans and widows of veterans who said they now have a purpose to pass their sleeping bag on — to warm another soul.

Some ask if I will stop collecting when I reach a certain number. The answer is no. When spring comes, the demand for bags becomes higher.

I was approached by some people who are out in the elements, and it was suggested that handwarmers are needed as well. Of course, the items on the cold weather food list can always be used year round.

Please contact me at 603-504-5432, I’m in Enfield and am willing to pickup within the Upper Valley.

Remember: Your gift warms two souls, the receiver and you.

Bev McKinley



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