Letter: Fluoridation Makes Sense

To the Editor:

Your Dec. 2 editorial, “Bradford Regresses,” points to an extremely important principle on which this country was founded, and one I’d like to think our community practices on a regular basis. Fluoridation is a public health measure in which a tiny communitywide investment benefits everyone.

Maintaining an optimal amount of fluoride in water is based on the principle that decisions about public health should be based on what is healthy for the entire community, not based on a handful of individuals whose extreme fears are not backed by the scientific evidence.

Our society certainly respects individual rights, but every right has its boundaries. In America, there are certain policies we adopt communitywide or nationwide because they are cost-effective ways to strengthen health and security. Courts have consistently held that it is legal and appropriate for a community to adopt a fluoridation program.

It is completely unrealistic to make water fluoridation a person-by-person or household-by-household choice. The cost efficiency comes from a public water system fluoridating its entire supply.

It’s clear the science is on the side of fluoridation. Can’t we accept that fluoridation is also a highly cost-effective way for us to take care of all Bradford residents?

Beth Kopp



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