Letter: A Strange Position on Joint Care

To the Editor:

I am a senior citizen, so I read with interest your Nov. 18 article “Want to Avoid Surgery? Take Good Care of Your Joints.” However, I am puzzled by the statement “When you have a hunched back, and your upper body isn’t underneath your hips, chronic conditions start to happen.” I certainly don’t want chronic conditions to start, but just how can I position my upper body underneath my hips? Standing on my head is the only way I can think of. When I tried this, the result was a total disaster. I’m afraid repeating it might cause a chronic condition. What would you suggest?

Grace Pipes



Want To Avoid Surgery? Take Good Care of Your Joints

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

As much as Dr. Sean Haslam loves performing surgery, he certainly wouldn’t object if people would take good enough care of themselves to avoid — or at least postpone — it. “Anytime we can get something to help patients without surgery,” says the Frisco, Texas, orthopedic surgeon, “it’s good for everybody.” But people don’t seem to be paying attention. The …