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Letter: Paying a Price for Development

To the Editor:

I read that Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center received permission to build its new facility and make other changes in Lebanon. But there was no mention of how many people the development, a research facility, will add to the area. Where will they live? Do they have children? Please do not say that affordable housing will help solve the problem. What is the average monthly income for someone to be considered qualified to live in affordable housing developments?

In 2004, my valuation more than doubled, and my taxes went up by a third. I went to the town office to find out why and was told it was due to housing demand created by DHMC. No other reason was given. Did everyone’s taxes go up, or was it a select few? Did the town manager and Selectboard double their own valuations, just to be fair?

I live seven miles from the Lebanon-Enfield line. With DHMC building again, will our taxes go up again? Why did our taxes go up at all? Why wasn’t DHMC required to pay impact fees?

What about development on Route 4 in Enfield? Will our taxes go up to support it, or will the developers be made to pay an impact fee? How many people will it add to our town?

Will Canaan and Orange taxes go up because of their proximity to Route 4? Maybe Enfield should change its name to East Lebanon.

Harry Tibbits



Lebanon Board Approves New DHMC Facility

Monday, January 14, 2013

Lebanon — The Planning Board last night unanimously approved plans for a new research facility at the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center, citing satisfaction that ongoing regional discussions will lead to solutions to traffic problems along Route 120 corridor. The board delayed a vote on the research facility at its Dec. 10 meeting after raising concerns about congestion on the corridor — …