Letter: Welcome Perspective on Fluoridation

To the Editor:

In his commentary in the Dec. 11 Valley News, “Bradford: Keep the Ban on Fluoridation,” Paul Connett provides a needed corrective to the conventional wisdom that fluoridation of our water supplies is vital for public dental health. Moreover, mental acuity is shown to be at risk, the collateral damage of this process. If topical application of fluoride (toothpaste) is as effective, or even if it isn’t, it would seem unwise to risk “dumbing down” our children, which we would never want to do as parents, and can ill afford as a nation.

Dan Leggett



Editorial: Civic Health in Bradford; Fluoride Vote Lacked Transparency

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

There must be something in the water in Bradford, Vt., and we don’t mean fluoride. We refer to the fact that the town’s Water and Sewer Commission appears to be under the influence of something that has impaired its judgment and led it to ignore a central proposition of democratic government — that the public’s business must be transacted in …

Column: Bradford: Keep the Ban on Fluoridation

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Canton, N.Y. When getting my Ph.D. at Dartmouth, I relied on the Valley News for well-informed opinion; thus, I was deeply shocked to read its Dec. 2 editorial on water fluoridation. Having researched this issue for 16 years, first as a professor of environmental chemistry and then as director of the Fluoride Action Network, I believe this editorial could have …