Letter: Proposed Class About Sexual Assault

To the Editor:

James T. Shea’s well-written letter (“A Failed Strategy at Dartmouth,” May 7) suggests ways he hopes can finally move Dartmouth College off its history of status quo responses to campus sexual assaults.

Some of us are planning an application to teach an ILEAD study class next January at Dartmouth, with the positive theme of ending all sexual assault by 2015. As outlined so far, the class will include:

∎  David Lisak’s research into the “cultural camouflage” available to known rapists at any college.

∎ Sexual assault as a way for one group or person to demonstrate power over another group or person, especially over those already assigned lower social status.

∎ Possible psychological and social support for sexual assault in any social hierarchy that incorporates relative levels of worthlessness.

∎ Our nation’s successful history of stopping the tongue-clucking tolerance for lynching.

Kudos to James Shea for raising this issue with determination and specific suggestions.

Robert Spottswood



Letter: A Failed Strategy at Dartmouth

Sunday, May 5, 2013

To the Editor: Dartmouth College’s recent actions on sexual assaults, gender discrimination and homophobia follow a longstanding strategy: See evil, hear evil, speak evil, but don’t actually do anything about it. It is doomed again to failure. We have long read about the usual suspects gathering, speaking out, declaiming on Dartmouth’s need to face up to these issues. Those demanding …