Letter: Bowling in the Dark

To the Editor:

I am writing in response to your article on the sudden closing of the Upper Valley Lanes & Games in White River Junction (“Thetford Man Wants to Buy, Reopen Hartford Bowling Alley,” Aug. 17).

I have been a league bowler there for many years, and I was bowling in this summer’s league. My team members and I did not receive any prior notice of the closing. All of my team members prepaid for league bowling for the summer season. So far, we have not received any information regarding refunds of our money. In my league, the whole league was going to receive a bus trip to Mohegan Sun at the end of the season. So far, no one seems to know if bowlers will be compensated for that, either.

I feel that some person or people in the area must know the real story behind this sudden closing. Upper Valley Lanes & Games was a part of the Upper Valley community for many years. The lanes became a second home to many people. Area bowlers like me spent a lot of money there and helped to keep it in business.

In most cases, family emergencies such as accidents, illnesses or deaths don’t cause business closings immediately if the business employs other people to run it on a day-to-day basis, so I am not buying the “family emergency” excuse.

Things like foreclosures, evictions and sales can cause sudden business closings. People know if they are planning to sell their business. Business owners are usually well aware of sales offers and aware that sales are pending. A business owner is usually well aware of foreclosures, lease terminations and other events that would force the closing of a business well before it occurs. I am sure someone knew in advance that the business was closing. I feel insulted as a regular bowler that I wasn’t given a heads-up.

Franklin E. George Jr.



Thetford Man Wants to Buy, Reopen Hartford Bowling Alley

Friday, August 16, 2013

White River Junction — A Thetford resident said he’s in negotiations to buy the building that houses Upper Valley Lanes and Games, which shut down abruptly Thursday night. Ramhance Rampersaud said if his plans pan out, he would reopen the bowling center but not the adjoining bar and strip club. He plans to renovate that part of the building and …