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How to Use These Listings

These sales summaries are informational only and are not a legal record. Names shown are usually the first listed in the deed. Sales might involve additional parties or locations. Prices are usually based on tax stamps and might be inaccurate for public agency sales. Refer to the actual public records before forming opinions or relying on this information. Additional publicly recorded information on these sales, prior sales and data from NHDRA PA-34 forms is available at or 603-669-3822. Copyright 2013. Real Data Corp. All Rights Reserved.


Bowman Road; land; no price available; Penny Brook Construction Inc. to Randolph National Bank.

2028 North Road; land; $62,711; Jacqueline S. French to Collin A. Cohen Trustee.

Town Highway 66; single-family home, farm; $180,000; The Johnsons-Mike-Tim-Steve Inc. to Hambsch Vermont Residential Trust.

1523 Royalton Turnpike; single-family home; $670,000; Estate of Mark B. Mitchell to Troyen A. Brennan.

4621 Stage Road; land; no price available; Eugene Rametta to Margaret Rametta.

1537 Route 12; single-family home; $485,000; Nicholas T. Ferro. Jr. to Charles Silva.

1537 Route 12; single-family home; $485,000; Nicholas T. Ferro. Jr. to Charles Silva.

149 Sayer Road; single-family home; $500,000; Beecher Realty Trust to Joseph R. Morel.


Canp Brook Road; land; $472; Eric L. Edelstein to Charles M. Adams.

132 Spring Hollow Drive; other; $136,336; Gary S. Alexander to Town of Bethel.

251 Marsh Meadow Road; single-family home, other; $13,380; Lois A. Mears to Town of Bethel.

187 Cleveland Brook Road; single-family home; $119,750; Lisa M. Janowski to Caleb D. Harwood.

2130 Lilliesbille Brook Road; seasonal home; $1; Michael B. Stussee to Joseph Lewin Trustee.


1522 Fairground Road; single-family home; $20,000; Michael J. Wood to Matthew P. Wood.

1451 Fairground Road; single-family home; no price available; Valerie J. Gieselman to Valerie J. Gieselman Trustee.

1022 Lower Plain; single-family home; no price available; Faith Grady to Heather Paul.


865 Hale Hollow Road; single-family home; $75,000; Tammy L. Sawyerwhite to Daniel R. Andrews.

11 Wayside Road; single-family home, farm; $290,000; Vermont Land Trust Inc. to Caroline M. Young.


121 Washington Turnpike; single-family home; $405,000; Thomas P. Schmitt to Linda C. Schmidt.

131 Brook Road; single-family home; $10,000; Katerine Botelho to Wilbur Parker.

61 Bradshaw Crossroad; single-family home; no price available; Richard J. Avery to Dennis. L. Tatro Jr.

Main Street; single-family home; no price available; William B. Field to Addison E. Field.


22 Chelsea Road; single-family home; $38,000; PNC Mortgage to William J. Larkin Jr.

95 Bliss Place.; mobile home; no price available; Beverly Sinclair to Jerrold Flye.

236 Johnson Road; land; $275,000; Second Growth Holdings LLC to Pine View Farm LLC.


315 Fairview Street; single-family home; $187,000; Jared T. Cook to Jonathan R. Lester.

3795 Route 5 North; single-family home; no price available; Allen R. Colby to Ian M. Colby.


104 Marshall Avenue; single-family home; $229,000; Broc A. Burke to Gshayn White.

46 Morgan Road; single-family home; $452,000; Alan J. Daniels to Vince Devlin.

119 Underhill Lane; single-family home; $228,000; Alan E. Barrs to Michael E. Owens.

28 Candlelight Terrace; condominium; $70,000; William T. Meyer to Holly Christensen.

281 Olcott Drive; unknown property type; $1,100,000; Storm Meadows Inc. to Green Mountain Power Corp.

277 Butternut Road; single-family home; $301,500; Calvin Leung to Nathan J. Lamie.

234 Woodside Circle; mobile home; $72,308; Dale’s Homes Inc. to Frank E. Ellis.

131 Granite Way 5A; condominium; $305,000; Doug Moeser to Frank T. Bahniuk.

139 Mercy Strong Lane; single-family home; $580,000; Joyce H. Bahniuk to Michael A. Welhoelter.

99 Heather Drive; condominium; $139,000; Elizabeth Osborn to Marcia S. Dunning.

Colonial Drive; condominium; $100,000; Oak Knoll Colonial Drive Limited Partnership to Joshua Belock.

78 Grovner Street; single-family home; $210,000; Estate of Sandra J. Geratwoski to Carol M. Wakeley.

38 Angell Trail; single-family home; $165,000; Jill Cohen to William Anthony Carlin.

Tigertown Road; land; $485,000; Rita Jacobs to Les Mitchel Brook LLC.

48 Spring Circle; mobile home; $800; Ryan R. Townsend to Lisa M. Schulz.

87 Merrimac Circle; mobile home; no price available; Estate of Joyce B. Snow to Jared S. Daigle.

499 Willard Road; single-family home; $137,000; James T. Oreilly to Karie Z. Kozak Trustee.

157 Summer St.; single-family home; $78,100; Federal National Mortgage Assoc to K. Thai Inc.

56 Chandler Road; single-family home; no price available; Magdaline Nanopoulos to Magdaline Nanopoulos.

Oak Knoll Condominium; condominium; $90,000; Mascoma Savings Bank to Vernon L. Doyle II.

48 Spring Circle; mobile home; $800; Justin E. Rice to Ryan R. Townsend.

39 Tall Timbers Drive; mobile home; $27,000; Patricia M. Sayre to Daniel Perry.

13 Orizzonto Road; single-family home; no price available; Estate of Ann M. Grobe to Jonathan W. Grobe.

185 Equestrian Way; single-family home, farm; no price available; Raymond S. Nott to Raymond S. Nott II.

90 Barnes Avenue; unknown property type; no price available; Estate Thelma Bomhower to Charles H. Bonhower.


10 Jenkins Road; single-family home; $176,000; Samuel J. Offensend to Mickey J. Wirasnik.

20 Pellham North Road; single-family home; $155,000; Stuart B. Farnham to Cassie N. George.

159 Route 5; multi-family home, store; no price available; Mutt Realty Inc. to Downward Dog LLC.

482 Route 12; single-family home; $500,000; William R. Brogden to Jason Merwin.

138 Grout Road; single-family home; no price available; Richard Read to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp.

225 Clay Hill Road; single-family home; no price available; Leslie Crane Slavin Trustee of The Clay Hill Rd to Louise B. Godine.