Claremont ZBA to Consider Variance at Former Esersky’s

Claremont — The Zoning Board of Adjustment will consider a variance request at its meeting tomorrow to permit a secondhand retail store in the former Esersky’s Hardware store on Union Street.

Sale of the building, which has been vacant since Esersky’s moved to Pleasant Street in early 2010, is contingent upon approval of the variance, according to the application on file in the Planning and Development office.

Gerald and Annette Ouellette, of Claremont, are proposing to sell antiques along with new and used furniture. The Ouelettes may also have a small space for other antique retailers or handmade crafters to rent, the application states.

Current zoning ordinances require a variance when the use of a retail location is changed to a secondhand store. The building is owned by Loretta Evans, who owned Eserkery’s with her late husband, Ray, for many years.

— Patrick O’Grady