Letter: Stunned by Decline of Lebanon High

To the Editor:

As a former Lebanon High School student and a graduate of Oxbow, I was deeply saddened by the state of Lebanon High School when I visited recently, I went to watch a player whom I used to babysit when I was in high school. I was stunned to see the place.

The gym was drab and dark. No anthem (but rap music during warm-ups). No introductions. No limit to what could be shouted from the stands. No one in charge.

In reading the Dec. 17 article “A Call for Better Teaching at Lebanon High School” and other articles over the last six months, what has saddened me the most is the lack of enthusiasm for our students, the seeming unwillingness of adults to make high school a special experience for their students.

I have perspective from two different schools, and Lebanon was once very concerned about the experience their children had. Now, School Board members chide people as quitters when harassed out of their jobs. Administrators take no responsibility for poor teaching. One of the leaders in making school special is the athletic director. The School Board and/or administration has already passed on two very good men. I know them both. Both are accomplished coaches and educators.

I would just ask that the school give priority to the experience of the students, or that the community holds the school leaders accountable.

Rejeanna Rogers



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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

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