Letter: Shops Should Close

To the Editor:

I saw so many ads over the weekend for Black Friday actually starting on Thanksgiving Day that I am really upset. There are two holidays that should be observed by all, Thanksgiving and Christmas. These two holidays should be spent with family. But how can retail workers do that when they have to work so that others might shop for Christmas? It has gotten to the point where Thanksgiving is hardly recognized as a holiday anymore. Christmas items are being displayed in stores right after Halloween.

I worked retail as a second job, and it was ridiculous the year the store decided to stay open until 2 p.m. on both Thanksgiving and Christmas so it could catch the “oh, I forgot” customers. I told them that there would not be enough people to justify staying open, but they thought that there would be. Well, we closed at noon because only three customers came in. The store lost money that day, as it cost more to have me there than what they took in. Needless to say, the store did not open again on Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Do businesses feel they need to open on Thanksgiving because we don’t have enough shopping days a year? Shame on them! Give your employees at least two days off a year. It won’t cut into your profit as much as you think it will. And to the shoppers who can’t stay home with their families on these two days, shame on you! Time with loved ones is precious and should not be taken for granted. Stay home so that retail workers can stay home with their loved ones, too.

Karen White



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