FairPoint Expands Services In Claremont, Newport

FairPoint Communications has expanded broadband service to Claremont, Newport and Goshen, paving the way for 115 additional homes and businesses to benefit from quicker Internet services.

Those who will see speeder connectivity are among more than 2,500 homes and businesses throughout New Hampshire that are part of a $3.3 million broadband expansion project, a news release stated.

The newly proposed high-speed connection areas in Claremont, Newport and Goshen include portions of certain streets and roads.

Claremont’s Washington Street and Route 11 will see heightened services, as well as Newport’s Coon Brook Road, Main Street and Route 10, to name a few, and Goshen’s Brook Road, Lear Hill Road and Mill Village Road.

“We continue to take the lead in bringing high speed Internet services to New Hampshire,” Pat McHugh, FairPoint’s New Hampshire state president stated in the release. “High speed Internet access is very important to the state’s future economic growth and employment opportunities.”

FairPoint, in collaboration with other state departments, identified regions that would benefit from investment in broadband infrastructure and decided to strengthen underserved areas, according to the release.