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Letter: Speaking of Government Waste

To the Editor:

I saw the story about the fire in the goat manure pile (“Manure Pile Spontaneously Combusts at Windsor Goat Farm,” Aug. 22). Please be advised that the federal government is going to take remedial action under the Endangered Feces Act.

Ted Remington

Marion, N.C.


Manure Pile Spontaneously Combusts at Windsor Goat Farm

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Windsor— At the municipal offices downtown, Police Chief Stephen Soares compared the stench wafting through Windsor Wednesday to the smell of “burning rubbish.” Town Manager Tom Marsh said it evoked “a damp kind of burning leaves or brush fire.” And at least one person thought it smelled like bacon. Alas, a town official says the cause was something less redolent: …