Young Writers Get Three Wishes

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Prompt: Three wishes

If I had three wishes,

I wouldn’t be here.

I’d be in Fiji,

out of school,

and 10 years old until I died,

(10’s the best age to be)

or maybe I’d get a hang glider

and a cliff in my backyard

and live in a treehouse and not go to school.


I’ve read enough books to know

not to wish for more wishes

or a million dollars

or a house made of chocolate 

or to never grow old

and that wishes bring nothing but trouble, but

it’s only three little things.


1. I wish I could fly in the sky, soaring in the stars, forgetting the troubles and worries on the ground below.

2. I wish that I would follow the instructions from the wiser and never stray from what they’ve taught me.

3. I wish I could rewind time, back to the mistakes I’ve made, to past pains or losses of friendship, love, and laughter.


One of my wishes would be world peace, because even though it may seem unoriginal, if we had world peace, there would be no need for prisons, many less tears would be shed, and our world would save large amounts of money as a whole.

My second wish would be that there be no incurable sicknesses in the world, because just thinking about how much suffering goes on, I feel pain for the people who have to endure these ailments. How sad and sorrowful they and their families must feel. My third wish would be to have education for anyone in the world who is deprived of it, since there are many people who would love to have proper schooling and are not entitled or cannot afford it. 

I wish that everyone could be proud of themselves for a change.

I wish that I could help discover the cure for cancer.

I wish that I could have enough money to give back to people who have guided me along in life, people who have given me a chance, and people who have showed me how it’s OK to be who I want to be.

If I had three wishes, I would wish for:

One more chance to see my uncle and tell him how much I miss him.

To be able to go back in time and fix all the mistakes I made.

A chance to meet my grandparents.