Letter: Pay Attention, Drivers

To the Editor:

As a runner I spend a lot of time as a pedestrian. Over the years I’ve come to one conclusion: We are lousy, inattentive drivers. I’ve seen drivers engaged in lots of secondary activities. They’re on phones, reading the newspaper, eating sandwiches and checking out the scenery — to name just a few. I’m sure we all think we’re in complete control of our vehicle. However, my observations indicate that’s not true. Generally, I can pick out a distracted driver from as far as my line of sight will allow.

Recently there’s been a lot written about adding rumble strips to our roadways. Experts feel this will improve safety. Perhaps that’s true. Unfortunately, this won’t happen overnight. In the meantime, please keep the immortal words of Jim Morrison in mind, “Keep your eyes on the road; your hands upon the wheel.” Mindful driving is something each of us can do today.

Richard Kozlowski



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