Letter: The Chaos Around Colburn Park

To the Editor:

“Sign, sign, everywhere a sign; blockin’ out the scenery, breakin’ my mind. Do this, don’t do that; Can’t you read the sign?” — Five Man Electrical Band.

During my daily commute, I have the option of traveling the interstate or taking Route 4 around Colburn Park. While Bank Street was under construction last year, I tended to take the interstate. With construction completed, I ventured back through Lebanon around Colburn Park only to be inundated with a myriad of lanes, arrows and pictograms marking where my vehicle needed to be. It was as if Officer Obie had come up with the plan.

I decided to avoid the chaos until snow cover obliterated the white markings and traffic patterns went back in time. I was pleased this spring when most of the markings had worn away.

I have always considered the loop around Colburn Park as the oval version of a traffic circle with a single lane of traffic merging in and out of the pattern. The chaos created last year was the nonsense of having two to three lanes of traffic trying to get around the park. I found the square corner at the post office particularly amusing.

Now the Pedestrian and Bicyclist Committee has met, and I envision more lines and signs will be posted, and the chaos will return. I will have to return to the interstate route.

Gary Hutchins



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