Hanover Football Team To Help With Recycling

Hanover — The Hanover High School football team will shoulder some of the heavy lifting at an upcoming recycling event in Hanover.

WinCycle will accept electronic devices for a fee next Saturday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. at Hanover Public Works Garage, 194 Lebanon St. (Route 120). In addition, Friends of Hanover Football will provide recycling pickup, by appointment.

Lots of people have electronics they’d like to recycle, but lifting them can be a struggle, said Marc Morgan, general manager of Wincycle in Windsor.

“We get a lot of elderly or disabled people who call us” about items that are too heavy for them, Morgan said. “We’re really not outfitted to provide at-your-door recycling.”

In addition to the recycling fee, organizers are asking those who use the pickup service to make a donation to the team — “$5, $10, $15, whatever dollars they feel compelled to donate,” Morgan said.

Almost anything with a plug will be accepted, including televisions, computers, laptops, hand-held devices and cell phones, organizers said in a news release last week. For cost information, or to schedule a pickup, call 802-674-6320 or go to www.wincycle.org.

Paint, hazardous waste, fluorescent bulbs and appliances will not be accepted. The event is sponsored by WinCycle and Sustainable Hanover Friends.

For more information, call WinCycle at 802-674-6320. — Staff report