Hartford Police Advise Children Not to Walk Along After Suspicious Vehicle Sighting

Hartford police yesterday advised children to walk with an adult or in groups after receiving three suspicious reports in recent days of young people being followed or watched.

On Monday around 3 p.m., a female middle school student was walking along Hartford Avenue in Wilder when a school teacher reported seeing three men following the student, police said. The teacher pulled over and began talking to the student, in hopes of keeping her safe, police said. The teacher reported that the men walked away and got into a gray van and left the area.

The Hartford Police Department then heard from a citizen who read on Facebook that there was another possible incident in which a male student alleged that he felt he was being followed on Tuesday, police said.

Yesterday, police said they received reports that a gray van with a group of men inside who were allegedly watching juveniles Kilowatt Field in Wilder and had what appeared to be a weapon visible.

Police said they were attempting to corroborate all the reported incidents, and advised that if children have to walk without an adult, that they walk in groups. They also advised that parents and children should agree on times and routes they walk, and urged residents to be diligent and report anything that appears suspicious.

Hartford police can be reached at (802) 295-9425.