Grafton Budget Vote Recount Yields Same Results

Grafton — A recount of a group of close votes at Town Meeting came up with no changes, according to Grafton Deputy Town Clerk Kami Stone, meaning the town will be forced to operate on a default budget

The proposed $825,956 budget, which had been reduced by $128,000 at an earlier deliberative session by Grafton’s Free Staters and their affiliates, failed by 14 votes on March 12. The town will now operate on a budget of $940,366, which is just $14,000 less than the Selectboard originally proposed.

Article 16, a petition article asking residents to pass, in part, “Grafton’s right to a sustainable energy future and community self-government,” passed at Town Meeting 255-252.

Article 18, another petition article, asked for tax exemptions on Woodheating Energy Systems, and failed 252-240 two weeks ago.

Regardless of slight shifts in the numbers during the recount, Stone said, the results stayed the same.