Board Delays Vote On Iron Horse Park

Lebanon — The Planning Board last night scheduled a special meeting for later this month to deal with Iron Horse Park, delaying a decision on the a proposed 92-acre development after last putting off a vote on the project just a month ago.

The meeting, which will be held on March 19 at 6:30 p.m., will deal exclusively with 10 proposed lots that are being looked at as a consolidated package. If the board gets through that proposal, they could also look at the phasing schedule for the project’s 20-year build-out.

If approved, Iron Horse Park would offer an array of retail, industrial, office, restaurant, and industrial office space in a major development between Route 4 and Route 12A.

Planning Board members last month expressed dissatisfaction with a lack of information on what the development would ultimately look like over its full build-out, but some of those concerns were allayed last night with the presentation of “sight sections” that detailed what parts of the project would be visible from three different vantage points, including vantage points from South Main Street and Interstate-89.

Much of the hour-and-a-half-long discussion last night focused on the landscaping on some of the proposed lots and the grading of the terrain.

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