Piermont Town Meeting 2013 Results


Number of Voters: 91

Number on Checklist 487

Selectboard: Robert J. Lang

Treasurer: Erik Wagstaff

Library Trustee: Joe Medlicott

Library Trustee: Nancy Sandell

Trustee of Trust Funds 3 yrs: Jean Underhill

Trustee of Trust Funds 1 yr: Nancy Cole

Supervisor of the Checklist: Geraldine Wood

School Board: Abigail Underhill

School Treasurer: Fred Shipman

School Moderator: Joyce Tompkins

School Clerk: Jean Underhill


Piermont: Town Worries About Federal Aid

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Piermont — Uncertainties about future state and federal financial support for the town dominated discussion over key warrant articles at Town Meeting last night. About 80 people attended the meeting in the Piermont Village School, including eight fifth- and sixth-graders on a voluntary assignment. Selectboard Chairman Bob Lang provoked the financial support discussion by proposing that the meeting “pass over” …