Bradford Town Meeting 2013 Results


Town Moderator: Mark Johnson

Selectboard 3 yrs: Thomas E. Unkles

Selectboard 2 yrs: Carole P. Taylor

Lister 3 yrs: Phyllis Russ

Lister 2 yrs: Robert Wing

Auditor 3 yrs: Peter Terry

Auditor 2 yrs: Erin O'dell

Collector of Current Taxes: Henrietta Powers

Collector of Delinquent Taxes: Henrietta Powers

Town Grand Juror: Gary Moore

Town Agent: Gary Moore

Trustee of Public Funds: Martina Stever


Bradford School Resource Officer Fails; Assault Weapons Ban Passes

Monday, March 4, 2013

Bradford, Vt. — Residents yesterday rejected a proposal that would have initiated the process of hiring a police officer to act as a school resource officer at Oxbow Union High School but approved a resolution calling for a ban on assault weapons. Moderator Mark Johnson said 107 residents voted against the idea to have a police officer stationed inside the …