Waterman Fund Elects 2 New Board Members

East Corinth — Two new members have joined the Waterman Fund board of directors. The board recently appointed new officers, including Rick Paradis, president, and Charlie Jacobi, vice president.

The board is creating a five-year plan for the nonprofit to address the challenges facing the Northeast’s alpine areas.

Jean Hoekwater and Mike Jones will take the place of Val Stori and Annie Bellerose, whose board terms had ended.

Hoekwater, park naturalist for Maine’s Baxter State Park, is responsible for information and education initiatives, providing natural history services and educational resources to staff and visitors, public safety and resource protection. She coordinates interpretive services across the park, including alpine stewards and wilderness educators, the Appalachian Trail steward, and the Togue Pond Visitor Center. She also coordinates citizen science initiatives and facilitates research and media projects in the park. She holds a bachelor’s degree in human ecology from College of the Atlantic.

Jones, a conservation biologist at the University of Massachusetts, studies eastern alpine biodiversity in wilderness areas from Labrador to the Everglades.

He has spent a good deal of time in the White Mountains, including four winters at Carter Notch and four summers at Lakes of the Clouds, with the Appalachian Mountain Club.

Last year, he co-edited Eastern Alpine Guide, a natural history of eastern alpine tundra.

He serves on the board of Beyond Ktaadn, which promotes the conservation, public awareness, and greater scientific understanding of alpine biodiversity in eastern North America.

He is a graduate of the Center for Northern Studies in Wolcott, Vt.

The East Corinth-based Waterman Fund works to strengthen the human stewardship of the open summits, exposed ridgelines and alpine areas of the Northeast.

Since 2000, it has raised more than $350,000 for alpine stewardship projects in that region.

— Aimee Caruso