Orange Town Meeting 2014 Results


Number of Voters: 138

Number on Checklist: 220

Moderator: Daniel Hazelton

Selectboard: Patricia Mercer

Overseer of Public Welfare: Patricia Mercer

Town Clerk: Sophie Seace

Budget Committee: Robert Proulx

Treasurer: Henry Minasian

Cemetery Trustee: Lyell Smith

Cemetery Agent: Edwin Saulen

Tax Collector: Sharon Proulx

Trustee of Trust Funds: Gloria Sanborn

Deeding Agent: Sharon Proulx

Auditor 2 yrs: Pending

Road Agent: Scott Sanborn

Planning Board 3 yrs: Judith Lindahl

Planning Board 3 yrs: George White

Supervisor of Check List: Beth DiFrancesco


Orange Voters Approve Zoning Rule Changes

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Orange — Residents overwhelmingly approved a change to the zoning ordinance that will align the town’s definition of a junkyard with state law. While the previous wording of the ordinance focused solely on automobiles, the updated one expands the definition of a junkyard to include scrapped metal, machines and debris, in addition to cars. Voters approved the change, 104-26. The …