Claremont School District Meeting 2014 Results

Claremont School District

Number of Voters: 1,044

Number on Checklist: 4,575

Town Moderator: Thomas P. Connair

Clerk: Mary E. Woodman

Treasurer: Janet Hunter

School Clerk: Mary E. Woodman

School Board 3 yrs: Becky Ferland

School Board 3 yrs: Robert Picard

School Board 1 yr: Richard Madigan


Claremont OKs School Budget

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Claremont — Incumbent School Board member Heather Irish was soundly defeated in her re-election bid by Richard Madigan, 528-431, and Becky Ferland and Robert Picard won three-year seats on the board in school district voting on Tuesday. Ferland, a retired Stevens High School teacher, and Picard, an incumbent appointed in January, beat out Thomas Brothers and Patrick Adrian. Voters easily …