Springfield Town Meeting 2014 Results


Number of Voters: 276

Number on Checklist: 929

Moderator: Richard W. Kipperman

Selectboard: Donald Hill

Budget Committee 1 yr: Bryan O’Day

Budget Committee 3 yrs: Justin Hastings,

Budget Committee 3 yrs: William T. Huntoon,

Budget Committee 3 yrs: Kenneth R. Jacques

Cemetery Trustee: Dale Milne

Library Trustee: Arthur Bobruff

Planning Board 3 yrs: Peter Keene

Planning Board 3 yrs: Darrin Patten

Trustee of Trust Funds: Angela MacCreighton

Zoning Board of Adjustment 3 yrs: Susan Chiarella,

Zoning Board of Adjustment 3 yrs: Bryan O’Day

Zoning Board of Adjustment 1 yr: Karen Cook

Supervisor of the Checklist: Barabara Holland Cooper


Springfield, N.H., Selectboard Chairman Turns Back Challengers

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Springfield, N.H. — Selectboard Chairman Don Hill, a six-year incumbent, easily turned back two challengers on Tuesday. Hill took 174 votes to 57 for William Huntoon and 39 for John Trachy. Huntoon has served on the Budget Committee and previously ran for Selectboard. Trachy said he wants to improve use of the town’s website and help build a greater sense …