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Charlestown to Weigh Zoning Change

Charlestown — The annual town deliberative session to discuss and possibly amend articles seeking appropriations will be held at the town hall on Wednesday, Feb. 5, beginning at 6:30.

The 2014 warrant has a dozen articles including a $4.7 million budget and a $450,000 bond proposal to build an addition on to the Bakery Building and connect it to the nearby Silsby Library.

The article was submitted by petition and is not recommended by the Selectboard.

Town Administrator Dave Edkins said the $3.8 million general fund portion of the budget, for the fiscal year that began Jan. 1, is up 2.2 percent.

The balance of the overall budget includes $546,100 for the water fund and $352,900 for the sewer fund, both of which would be paid for with user fees.

Also on the warrant are several zoning articles, including the creation of zone A-2 on North Main Street.

The Planning Board introduced the article after a new and larger Jiffy Mart was approved on the site of a historic home. The intent of the new zone is to preserve its historic character by limiting allowable uses.

Three articles would add $25,000 to three separate capital reserve funds.

Voters can amend any article with an appropriation before the warrant is finalized for the March 11 Town Meeting vote.