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Women’s Club Contest to Honor Teens’ Acts of Kindness

Windsor — A local women’s club says it’s time to honor teenagers who do “simple acts of kindness.”

The General Federation of Women’s Clubs of Southern Windsor County is accepting nominations of students at Green Mountain, Hartford, Springfield, and Windsor high schools.

“Every day, hundreds of teens go about the business of doing the right thing. They do their homework, help their parents, help their neighbors and are nice to younger kids. ... They don’t get their name in the paper or win awards normally, but they are our future,” the club said in a recent news release.

“It’s time we recognize that one of our biggest assets is the ‘typical teen.’ ”

To request an application, email gfwcvt@vermontel.net. Applications may also be picked up at the high schools. The deadline is April 15. Those making nominations must agree to have their names made public.

Students must know they are being nominated and be willing to have their names and photographs made public. Parental permission is required.

— Staff report