Birth Announcements: June 22, 2014

Alice Peck Day Memorial Hospital

HAWLEY — Twin daughters, Scarlett Audrey Hawley and Skyler Rose Hawley, born on June 5, 2014, to Brittany Woodward and John Hawley, of Windsor.

Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center

SULLIVAN — A daughter, Zoey Arline Sullivan, born on May 30, 2014, to Julie Beaudry and Christian Sullivan, of Goshen, N.H.

GARCEAU — A daughter, Kylie Ann Garceau, born on June 2, 2014, to Christina Sinclair and Steven Garceau, of Springfield, Vt.

Gifford Medical Center

CASS — A daughter, Emily Justine Cass, born on June 5, 2014, to Mary and Curtis Cass, of Randolph.

REINHOLD — A daughter, Genevieve Zinnia Reinhold, born on June 5, 2014, to Megan and Nathan Reinhold, of Granville, Vt.