Young Writers Express Thanks for Life and Family

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Prompt: Thanks: What Are You Most Grateful For?

  I am very thankful that I am able to live, breathe, eat, smell, taste, see and feel.

Life is a very amazing and beautiful thing to have.

I am very happy to be on this Earth,  to live and enjoy my life to the fullest. 

I know life isn’t forever, but I will enjoy every single second.

I am very thankful to be standing here right now, enjoying my life, and being alive.

Since I was a little girl, my father has been my best friend. He has supported me through the hardest moments in my life, and stood by my side through every step of my life.

Last summer, my whole life changed with the news of my father’s illness. He had gone to the hospital after being up all night with stomach pain caused by appendicitis. When the doctors were examining him, they found an even bigger problem. We soon learned my dad’s appendicitis was caused by a cancerous tumor. If it had not been for my dad’s appendix, we might not have known about his illness until it was too late. I am thankful for a lot of things, but this year I am most thankful for my father.

Throughout this whole journey I have seen so many changes in my father, from his ability to do even the simplest things, to his change in appearance, but the one thing that has stayed the same the whole time is his will to fight and get better. I am extremely grateful for my father’s willpower to overcome this issue and win his battle against cancer.

My dad’s illness has made me realize many things. You cannot take a single day for granted, because you really never know what will come next. You have to remember what is important in your life, and make sure the people you love know they mean the world to you.

The day I found out my dad had cancer I could not stop thinking of all the nights I had made a point of saying goodnight, and I love you to him, and getting up every morning to tell him to have a good day at work. I remember calling him at the hospital to repeat the same message I had been saying since I could talk, “Goodnight, daddy, I love you.” I am thankful for the opportunity to still say these simple things to my dad, no matter how old I get, and how childish it seems.

My father’s battle with cancer is not over yet, but it has already changed my life forever. I am grateful for the large amount of support my dad has received in probably the hardest time of his life. I know I would not want to go a single day without my best friend, my hero, the guy I am lucky enough to call my father. These days there are so many things going on in everyone’s life, and it is comforting to know people still help others. Lastly, I am thankful for my mom and the rest of my family, who have pulled together to support my dad through this. I will forever be most grateful for my family, and especially my father.

When I was 10, I was really stressed; angry at my brother, mad at the hill I walked up every day for being so steep and long, mad at the long book report I was going to have to complete, and mad at school for being so long. I was really angry and I wasn’t about to calm down. I stomped up the stairs to my room and slammed the door as hard as I could. I jumped on my bed and hurled my pillow at the door. I slammed my head into the blanket and flopped down on the bed.

I wanted to calm down, but I was just so angry. I looked around for something to destroy when I saw the brand new book with a shining cover. I ran over to it and snatched it up, thinking of throwing it, when I noticed its title, The Sisters Grimm.One of my friends had recommended it a few weeks before. Maybe I could try it.

I returned my pillow to my bed and started reading. “ ‘I’m going to die of boredom here,’ Sabrina Grimm thought as she looked out the train window at Ferryport Landing, New York …” As I read, I became less and less angry. Soon, I felt very calm.

“Have you finished your book report?” my mom called from downstairs.

Then I looked at my clock. 8:00 p.m., it read. Oh no …