The Season and Its Leaves Inspire the Valley’s Young Writers

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In summer, in this tree I sit

to watch the sun move bit by bit

until it looks me in the eye,

then I hop down and wave goodbye.

In fall, I climb the branches thin,

then watch the leaves all dip and spin;

with the season comes the sound

of boots and leaves atop the ground

In winter, I climb but stay low

so I can jump into the snow;

in afternoon sometimes I hide

but when I look, it’s dark outside.

In spring, I climb but hold on tight,

just not slipping takes all my might;

but I come down when flowers show

their petals through the melting snow.

Seasons change, and I

apologize if you find dirty fallen leaves at your feet

and empty brown branches tangled in your mind.

Seasons change, and I

apologize if you find frost bites at your soul

and icicles near your heart.

Season change, and I

apologize if you find wilting flowers between your ears

and thorns where you expected rose buds.

Seasons change, and I

apologize if you find yourself melting into an impossible mess,

and find scorches on your skin.

Autumn in Vermont is an amazing event. It draws people from all around, creating some sort of Vermontmania that people can’t seem to get enough of.

Everyone is searching for that perfect autumn day, when the air is clear and crisp and the trees are so vividly colored that you question if they are real.

They are truly spectacular days, where you want to curl up and stare at the world with a cup of hot apple cider.

You would think that people who live here would get used to the beauty — expect it to be there.

But even after living here my whole life of 15 years, these days still take my breath away...

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