Letter: Everything You Want in a Circus

To the Editor:

I enjoyed reading Henry Homeyer’s Summer Journal article in the July 23 Valley News about the Kelly Miller Circus (“The Greatest Shows On Earth”). Who doesn’t like to look back on memories of going to the circus as a child or experiencing the circus through our children’s or grandchildren’s eyes?

I remember going to see Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus in New York City years ago and was overwhelmed as a little kid at not being able to see everything going on in its three rings. I, like Homeyer, am sad that the Big Apple Circus no longer comes to Hanover, as it was such great family entertainment with a small-town feel. However, we were thrilled to have found Circus Smirkus! Circus Smirkus captures all the thrills and entertainment and laughs and costumes and props that the Big Apple Circus had while still having that personal, small-town feel. I think that is because the performers are mostly young people — and not just any young people. The performers are all as talented and professional as they could be. I was impressed by the poise they showed and the joy and fun they were having as we watched. My granddaughters (3, 7 and 12) could not take their eyes off the performers who juggled and walked ropes and hung upside down and jumped and did all sorts of wild, funny tricks. As much as we had all loved the Big Apple Circus and Grandma the Clown in the past, we all agreed that Circus Smirkus was just as good, if not better!

I ordered my seven tickets for my family just yesterday, and the grandkids (and my son and daughter-in-law) cannot wait for the show. Circus Smirkus is as professional a show as they come — great colorful tent and costumes, terrific music, fun souvenirs ... . It has it all, including really nice people assisting audience members.

Don’t wait; get those tickets today. You will not be disappointed.

Carol Schoenig



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