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Thetford Pig Returns Home

Thetford — Spot, the big pink pig who was seen dodging traffic in Thetford Thursday morning, is now home safe with her owners.

Sherri Austin and John Tucker have had the gentle 2-year-old, 350-pound pig since she was born, and although she’s ventured outside her pen before, she had never wandered off the property.

“We got a call from animal control that there was a big pig down the road and they wondered if it was ours,” Austin said with a laugh, explaining that the couple had walked down to the barn to feed Spot, who’s a family pet, that morning and when she didn’t greet them, she and Turner assumed the sow was just grazing in the pasture. “She’s gotten out before, but usually she just comes right up on the porch. She’s never gone that far before.”

Spot had knocked loose the fence charger, the device that energizes an electric fence, and escaped her pen. She ran about one mile down Colby Road South then Sawnee Bean Road before taking a breather at about 8:30 a.m. in Emilie Lambert Cole’s yard, where she spent the rest of the day. Lambert Cole walked Spot around the property, sprayed her with the hose, fed her grain and even let her sleep on the porch while the town’s animal control officer tried to find her owners. Spot had a new name for the day — Winifred — which Lambert Cole called her and the sow answered to.

“She was super, super friendly and I had no problem with her being here at all,” Lambert Cole said. “She was good company.”

Austin and Tucker claimed their pet pig late Thursday night, around 10 p.m., walking Spot the mile home, using only crackers Lambert Cole gave them to guide her. “


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